Our Story

Sean Balm Skincare is an all natural skincare collection created by a high-school teacher who wanted to treat himself to a nice spa day. However, he was disturbed when he noticed the toxic chemicals found in most of his store-bought bath and skincare products. Owner and CEO, Sean Chinn, knew there had to be other smart individuals out there who also preferred healthy alternatives for beautiful skin.

In April of 2013 Chinn began his research so that individuals who suffer from acne, eczema, and sensitivity would have an all-natural remedy for embarrassing skin problems. Unfortunately, chemicals found in skin-care products such as petroleum (Polyethylene Glycol), alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol), and mineral oils are said to moisturize the skin, but instead damages it by clogging the pores, causing dryness, and increasing the appearance of aging.

To put our minds at ease, Chinn began experimenting and successfully created effective all-natural products such as  face masks, lip balms, cleansers, and moisturizers, and more! The birth of Sean Balm Skincare led to participation in several popular festivals, beauty expos, and salon presentations in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.